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The Lands of Saint Ignatius of Loyola, comprises a rich historic, artistic and architectural heritage, all organized around an universal figure and his period, The 16th century, with a stunning landscape that surrounds all. The visitor will be able to visit an impressive Religious building like the Loyola Sanctuary, a beautiful work of art in a hidden chapel and go for a walk through the Ignatian Way enjoying the landscape and breathing fresh natural air, all in the same day.


The Land of St Ignatius

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in The Land of St Ignatius

The Route of the Three Temples

Three iconic locations in the Basque Country wich are the Loyola Sanctuary, La Antigua Hermitage and Arantzazu Sanctuary, linked by a Route with a strong historical basis which is  St. Ignatius first Pilmigrage ever, and that nowadays conforms the first two stages of the Ignatian Way. A historic and artistic route full of spirituality, that can be made on a road trip (half day) or walking following the Ignatian Way (two days). Three temples, three different periods in human history, three different art and architectural styles.


The routes of the three temples St Ignatius

Interior artwork, Altarpieces of the 16th. Century

One of the main characteristics of the 16th century, a period of thriving activity, is the large number of new buildings and, in particular, rich altarpieces, something that attracted well-known French and Castilian artists and craftsmen to this área of Spain. 

The religious sets in Azpeitia, Bergara and Oñati are head and shoulders above the rest, but we can find important examples of sacred art at many of the churches spread throughout the region. Trhough under programme guided visits or a la carte visits (for groups only) the visitor can get to know this hidden treasures showned by specialized guides in history and art.


The economy in the 16th Century: Rural life, Ironworks and salt production.

The regional economy remained vigorous until the late 16th century. There are three locations where the reflections of the way of living and working of the 16th century remain as it was 600 years ago, and that can be visited and enjoyed by the visitors.


The Igartubeiti Farm in Ezkio-Itsaso, an elegant example of wooden architecture offers us a unique opportunity to understand the lifestyle and atmosphere of this period.



The Land of St Ignatius

Trail The Ignatian Way, the Pilmigrage of the men and women of the XXIst Century

Recreates the route that Ignatius of Loyola, being a knight, ran in 1522 from Loyola to Manresa.


This itinerary offers the opportunity to experience a pilgrimage, following the spiritual process that made Ignacio.The road begins at the birthplace of Azpeitia (Guipúzcoa) and ends in the Cave of St. Ignatius in Manresa.


pilmigrage St Ignatius

Hidden Treasures, special guided visits

Trail to the 16th century Gipuzkoa following Saint Ignatius steps 




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