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Bolzano European Best Destination
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Bolzano, the gateway to the Dolomites, is an enviable picture not only just of hillside but also of vineyards contributing its urban architecture. Bolzano owes its unique atmosphere and hospitality to other factors too: the lively streets and squares, the footpaths for those who like walking and three cable cars for those seeking the thrill of heights and panoramic views.


Bolzano's cuisine is a great attraction for gourmets. It is characterized by different flavors. On one hand there is the solid genuine country cooking, on the other there are the specialties of the Mediterranean gastronomic tradition. The choice is difficult.


Green surroundings and lovely mountains frame the urban area: the space of the town is closely interwoven with that of nature. Bolzano is the ideal place for sport enthusiasts and for those who enjoy open-air activities. Peaceful and tranquil surroundings are within easy reach, there are footpaths for keen walkers and three cable cars for those seeking the thrill of heights and panoramic view over the city.


Bolzano's cultural and social life is very vivacious. Throughout the year there are important fairs, exhibitions, shows and cultural events: the Spring Market, the Flower Festival, the Südtirol Jazz Festival Alto Adige, Bolzano Dance, the concerts of the Youth Orchestras, the Piano Competition Ferruccio Busoni, the Festival of the brass bands, the Christmas Market, the Family Festival...


Bolzano is the perfect meeting place: it provides excellent facilities, is connected to the main motorways and has even a small airport. Businessmen and tourist are offered a wide range of lodging choices and conference halls and multifunctional centres such as the Trade Fair and Exhibition Centre.

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Hotel Greif ★★★★

The Cathedral Square is 50 m away

Great Food: Meals here are highly recommended



Parkhotel Laurin ★★★

The Cathedral Square is 200 m away

Each room features designer furniture



Villa Jasmine

The Cathedral Square is 600 m away

Private parking available on-site



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The historical city center

The historical city center is rich in artistic and cultural treasures, representing the fusion between Mediterranean and central Europe: the cathedral dedicated to Our Lady of the Assumption; the complex of the Dominicans with St.John’s chapel holding the most precious frescoes attributable to Giotto’s school of Italian arts; the arcades represent the heart of the medieval commercial center, a title conserved up to the present day, thanks to the unbroken chain of shops.


Bolzano top things to do - City Center - Copyright Xavier

South Tyrol Museum of Archeology

The oldest glacier mummy in the world, Ötzi the Iceman, has found its last resting place at the South Tyrol Museum of Archaeology. His discovery has triggered important research on his life period (about 5300 years ago). The Museum documents Ötzi’s living environment, the history of the finds, the “criminal case” regarding his death as well as curious things about him. 


Bolzano top things to do - South Tyrol Museum of Archeology - Copyright OetziTheIceman

Roncolo Castle

Situated at the beginning of the Val Sarentino, to the north of the city and built in 1237 on a rock, the castle has been extended and restored several times and houses splendid frescoes depicting scenes of courtesan life, hunting scenes, chivalric competitions and episodes of everyday life. It is by far the greatest and best kept collection of profane frescoes of the Middle Ages. Cultural events and exhibitions featured regularly in the castle hall and rooms are also very interesting.


Bolzano top things to do - Roncolo Castle Copyright Luca Volpi
©Luca Volpi


Museion is the museum of modern and contemporary art of Bolzano, as well as an international research laboratory created with the intent to connect temporary exhibitions with its permanent collection. Quite interesting is also the architectural structure, built abreast of the banks of the Talvera river crossed over by two curve-shaped bridges, converging onto the overall perspective and connecting the historical center with the new city districts.


Bolzano top things to do - Museion - Copyright Francesca Guadagnini
©Francesca Guadagnini

Bolzano Wine City

Wine production in Bolzano has a very old tradition that nowadays brings work to almost thirty private wineries and one cooperative operating within the city’s network. Lagrein and S.Maddalena, the local red wines par excellence are iconic of this heritage. Bolzano has a deep relationship with wine: lush vineyards reach into its quarters and historic center, following its boundaries, and decorating its gentle slopes and plains like a natural garden, a unique scenery at the foot of the Dolomites.



Bolzano top things to do - Bolzano wine - Copyright Allie_Caulfield


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