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Best movie locations in Europe

Best film locations in Europe

Europe is the perfect destination for millions of travellers. It inspires artists and filmmakers from around the world. The landscapes are so stunning! Discover the best film locations in Europe where your favourite films were shot. For example “ Star Wars, “James Bond” “Inception”, “Harry Potter”….


Discover the best film locations in Europe and book your holidays and activities to immerse yourself in your favourite films for a perfect holiday with European Best Destinations.

Notting Hill - Notting Hill  - Best movie locations in Europe - Copyright Richie Chan - European Best Destinations
Copyright Richie Chan

1. Notting Hill

London - UK

Remember Hugh Grant's blue eyes in the film “Notting Hill”? Discover Notting Hill, one of London's most beautiful places. Walk in the footsteps of Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant for a romantic break in the capital of England.


The houses are colourful in Notting Hill, the bookshops are small, Portobello  market so “ bello” Enjoy the place and make your stay in London perfect! Book your hotel, B&B, Youth Hostel, London apartment at the best price and your best activities and tours in London.


Do not forget to buy the London Pass to enjoy free access to the best activities in London. You might find your prince/princess charming in Notting Hill! Who knows?


Robin Hood - Pembrokeshire - Best movie locations in Europe - Copyright Billy Stock  - European Best Destinations -
Copyright Billy Stock

2. Robin Hood

Pembrokeshire - UK

Pembrokeshire has already been rewarded for the quality of its beaches with the title of "Best Beach in Europe". If you like wild and natural coasts, go to Pembrokeshire and Freshwater West Beach that was the backdrop to Ridley Scott’s film « Robin Hood » performed by  Russel Crowe.


If you are a fan of TV shows, go to Tenby which was also the backdrop to the TV show "Sherlock". There are so many reasons to go discover Tenby & Pembrokeshire!


Paris - Inception - Best movie locations in Europe - Copyright mango-two-friendly  - European Best Destinations
Copyright mango-two-friendly

3. Inception

Paris - France

Paris is the first city in Europe where most films were shot. It is also the capital of love, the capital of culture, the city of the impressionists, the dada movement, Picasso, Manray, Marcel Duchamp.


If you want to stroll in the most beautiful neighbourhoods of Paris do not miss the 15th arrondissement and the Bir-Haikem Bridge where the film "Inception" with Leonardo Di Caprio and Marion Cotillard was shot. This bridge is a feat of engineering!


Book your accommodation at the best price in Paris for an unforgettable stay in the capital of love and art!


Alnwick Castle - Harry Potter - Best movie locations in Europe - Copyright mango-two-friendly  - European Best Destinations
Copyright mango-two-friendly

4. Harry Potter

Alnwick Castle - UK

Alnwick Castle is famous for film lovers; many films were shot in this castle : Robin Hood, The War of the Roses and the very famous Harry Potter.


The Duke of Percy lives with his family in a part of the castle; another one is open to the public all summer. Come discover Alnwick Castle and immerse yourself in the universe of Hogwarts. Book your hotel, B&B, guesthouse or apartment at the best price in Edinburgh and treat yourself to an excursion to the Alnwick Castle to discover Harry Potter’s emblematic place.


Dunnottare Castle - Hamlet - Best movie locations in Europe - Copyright StevanZZ - European Best Destinations
Copyright StevanZZ

5. Hamlet

Dunnottar Castle - Scotland

Wow, wow, wow !!! Even if you were not a fan of the film "Hamlet" you should not miss this magnificent castle located in a dream place. The castle is open all year round. The entrance ticket is quite affordable (between 5 and 10 euros).  


Many famous films were shot at Dunnotar Castle "Hamlet" was one of them. If you are looking for the best destinations in Europe and the best film locations, Dunnottar Castle is the must place. Book your B&B, hotel, guesthouse or apartment at the best price in Aberdeen for a perfect stay in Scotland and treat yourself to an excursion to Dunnottar Castle.


Arezzo - La vita e bella - Best movie locations in Europe - Copyright Michael Avory - European Best Destinations
Copyright Michael Avory

6. La Vita e bella

Arezzo - Italy

Life is beautiful that way... "La Vita è bella" by Roberto Benigni was shot in the beautiful town of Arezzo.The tune of the song is famous worldwide and will not escape from your mind throughout your visit. 


"Piazza Grande" is undoubtedly the most emblematic place of the film, but many other places in Arrezzo were chosen for the film too. Visit the "Palazzo della Provincia", the "Caffé dei Costanti", the "Teatro Petrarca" or the "Badia delle Sante Flora e Lucilla" where the two lovers meet.


You want a dream holiday? Book your hotel, guesthouse or B&B in Arezzo at the best price. Don’t forget to bring the soundtrack of the film  with you !


In her Majesty Name - Estoril - Best movie locations in Europe - Copyright D.Bond  - European Best Destinations
Copyright D.Bond

7. James Bond

Estoril - Portugal

Want a dream holiday in Portuga!? Estoril is one of the most beautiful destinations in Europe !


It is located a few kilometers from Lisbon. This magnificent seaside resort is a little paradise on earth. Royal families and the aristocracy use to spend their holiday there. Estoril is a perfect destination for a dream holiday, under the sun of Portugal, in the best hotels in Europe.


For those looking for the best hotel in Estoril, we recommend the "Palacio Estoril", a magnificent 5 star hotel, both traditional and modern.


"James Bond - On Her Majesty’s Secret Service" was shot in Estoril. Stay in that hotel and shoot the film of your dream holiday in Portugal. Book your hotel, villa, apartment or guesthouse in Estoril at the best price and your activities such as a visit to the castles of Sintra, or activities in Lisbon.


Ischia Castle - The talented Mr Replay - Best movie locations in Europe - Copyright J.Schelkle - European Best Destinations
Copyright J.Schelkle

8. The Talented Mr Riplay

Ischia Castle - Italy

Ischia, the dream destination, is one of the most beautiful European destinations awarded by the European Commission of the European Destination of Excellence award. Ischia is an island of eternal beauty.


Walk in the footsteps of Jude Law, Matt Damon, Gwyneth Paltrow, Cate Blanchett and Philip Seymour Hoffman. The whole town was the setting for that cult film.  


For an unforgettable holiday in one of the best destinations in Europe book your hotel, villa, guesthouse or apartment in Ischia at the best price guaranteed for a great holiday in Italy. Book your activities in Ischia as a private yacht cruise or a visit to the gardens of Ischia will brighten your holidays


Mission Impossible - Prague - Best movie locations in Europe - Copyright Emi Cristea  - European Best Destinations
Copyright Emi Cristea

9. Mission Impossible

Prague - Czech Republic

Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic is  famous for shootings of many films such as "James Bond - Casino Royale", "Amadeus", "Les Misérables", "Oliver Twist'" "Chronicles of Narnia" and last but not least "MIssion : Impossible" with Tom Cruise.


Prague is one of the most romantic destinations in Europe. Do not miss a nice city trip to Prague, visit the Castle, enjoy a cruise, a Prague Segway Grand City Tour or a Medieval Dinner with unlimited drinks and book your hotel, guesthouse, B & B or apartment in Prague at the best price guaranteed for a perfect holiday. 


Kerry Island - Star Wars  - Best movie locations in Europe - Copyright Noel Moore  - European Best Destinations
Copyright Noel Moore

10. Star Wars

Skellig Michael Island 

Come discover Skellig Michael Island which seems so far away but so easy to get to by boat or plane. The island was the setting for "The Force Awakens". This film really boosted tourism in Ireland but fortunately the shooting of the film left no unwanted effects. The place was preserved and the raw power of nature is still awaiting you at Skellig Michael Island.


Book your hotel, B & B, guesthouse at the best price in Waterville, Baltimore or Clonakilty, the closest towns for an excursion on Skellig Michael Island. If you want to discover all the beauties of Ireland do not miss the Giant's Causeway, Kilkenny and Wicklow Moutain.


Buy your Dublin Pass with Bus Tour and get your free entry for 33 attractions in Dublin.


May the Force be with you !


Best film locations in Europe - Dubrovnik - Games of Thrones - Panorama-of-old-town-of-Dubrovnik-in-Croatia-Copyright Ajan-Alen - European Best Destinations
Copyright Ajan-Alen

11. Game of Thrones

Dubrovnik - Croatia

You have loved the successful TV series "Game of Thrones"? You will love the city of Dubrovnik, Croatia, where this series was shot.


Croatia is one of the most beautiful countries in Europe. The scenery is fabulous and you can take a lifetime to visit the numerous islands of Croatia. Croatia has a great history, delicious gastronomy, cheap hotels and luxurious 5 star hotels at affordable prices. It also has delicious wines and the best truffles in Europe. Mediterranean restaurants and nightclubs are famous all over the world. The beaches are fabulous  and the water is so blue! It is also Hilary & Bill Clinton’s favourite destination . You might come across them any day !


There are hundreds of things to see and do in Dubrovnik such as guided tours of the old town, kayaking and of course the Dubrovnik Game of Thrones Tour specially created for fans of the TV series. You will walk in the footsteps of your favourite "Game of Thrones" characters. 


Book your hotel, villa, guesthouse, B&B or apartment in Dubrovnik at the best price guaranteed for a perfect holiday in one of the most beautiful destinations in Europe.


Florence - A room with a view  - Best movie locations in Europe - Copyright Sorin Colac - European Best Destinations
Copyright Sorin Colac

12. A Room With a View

Florence - Italy

Welcome to Florence, one of the most beautiful cities in one of the most beautiful regions of Europe: Tuscany! In the famous film "A Room With a View",  Florence is THE star. You will be amazed by its river,  the Ponte Vecchio,  the Piazza della Signoria, and the Duomo.


Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of "A Room With a View", book your room at the Degli Orafi hotel, ask for room 414 where most scenes were shot.


Book your guided tours and tickets at the Uffizi Gallery but also your tickets for Michelangelo's David, the Palazzo Vecchio and the Duomo for a perfect stay in Florence. Discover the charm of Italy in this romantic and exciting town.


Skopelos - Mamma Mia - Best movie locations in Europe - Copyright Aetherial Images - European Best Destinations
Copyright Aetherial Images

13. Mamma Mia

Skopelos - Greece

“Mamma mia, here I go again, My my, how can I resist you?”


You will not  resist the beauties and charms of the Greek island of Skopelos. The hit film "Mamma mia" was shot on this island. The turquoise waters,  perfect climate, traditional, healthy and tasty cuisine are amazing!


Like Meryl Streep or Pierce Brosnan, treat yourself to a perfect holiday on one of the most beautiful islands in Europe by booking your hotel, apartment, villa, B&B or guesthouse in Skopelos. You can also book your holidays in Athens and go on a short excursion to Skopelos. 



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