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Plovdiv Bulgaria

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"Plovdiv is the largest and most beautiful of all cities. Its beauty shines in the distance and a very large river flows close to it". Lucian of Samosata, 2nd Century



With these words Lucian of Samosata praised a most charming and majestic ancient city. The city, which today is called Plovdiv: the oldest continuously inhabited city in Europe and one of the most ancient in the world.


Plovdiv is the city in which millennial history, culture and heritage are in harmony. Ancient and eternal, artistic and modern, cosmopolitan and romantic, this city is so captivating and full of life.


As the main cultural centre of Bulgaria, Plovdiv is host to numerous events and festivals of national and international importance and is a meeting point for cultural exchange. In 2019, Plovdiv deservedly won the title of European Capital of Culture. This is the city which will take you back in time to admire the impressive monuments of antiquity – the 1st-century theatre, the Roman Stadium from the 2nd century, the Ancient Forum with Odeon and many others.


The city, which is home to valuable landmarks – fine examples of Roman mosaic heritage, exhibited in The Bishop’s Basilica of Philippopolis (4-6 th century), in The Small Early Christian Basilica (4-6 th century) and in many other locations throughout the city.


The city, which pulsates with the spirit of the Bulgarian Revival with its magical Old Town, where beautiful and richly decorated houses from that period can be visited. The best way to truly get to know Plovdiv is by walking through its streets. Here you can stroll through the renovated streets of Kapana Creative District, and later immerse yourself in the light and music show of the Singing Fountains in the Tsar Simeon's Garden.


Plovdiv offers captivating panoramic views that you can catch on one of the six hills located in the very heart of the city.


This is Plovdiv – the place where there is always something to discover and where every trip feels like a first!


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Gallery 37 ★★★★

Excellent location for sightseeing in the Old Town

A calm oasis in the middle of the Old Town



Residence City Garden Plovdiv

Residence City Garden ★★★★★

Stay in the heart of Plovdiv

Has a restaurant, a bar and a shared lounge.



Landmark Creek Hotel & Wellness

LAndmark Creek Hotel  ★★★★★

Located in the Park of the Rowing Channel

Fitness center, as well as a spa and wellness center



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Take a walk in Plovdiv Old Town

Ancient Plovdiv – the historical Three Hills in Plovdiv – is a protected area with the status of a reserve. Many remarkable architectural and archaeological monuments from different times are preserved in this enchanting open-air museum. They never fail to draw our imagination back in time through Plovdiv’s millennial history – from prehistoric times through Antiquity, the Middle Ages, the Revival and right down to the present day. 

Take a walk in Plovdiv Old Town
©Dimitra Lefterova

Visit the Museums in Plovdiv

Plovdiv is a city with many and various museums. The most famous are the Archaeological, the Ethnographic and the History Museums, with original renovated exhibits and rich collections. Of great interest to visitors are The City Gallery of Fine Arts, The Regional Natural History Museum and the sites of Plovdiv Old Town. The Roman mosaic heritage is presented in The Bishop's Basilica of Philippopolis and in The Small Early Christian Basilica (4-6 th century), which are included in the indicative list of UNESCO for important cultural and natural sites.

Museums in Plovdiv
©Dimitra Lefterova

Attend a Performance at the Ancient Theatre

The Ancient Theatre is one of the most impressive landmarks not only in Bulgaria, but also on the Balkans. To stand in this theatre inspires awe and respect, as it was constructed in the distant 1st century AD. In addition to theatrical performances and sittings of the general provincial assembly of the Thracians, gladiatorial fights were also held here. Restored and used as a functioning stage for opera, concerts and drama, today the Ancient Theatre is an attractive spiritual center in which modern culture interacts with the enduring values of the past. 

Event Ancient Theatre Plovdiv
© Alexander Богдан Thompson

Along the Main Street and Kapana

Take a walk along the Main Street and indulge in shopping and a culinary feast. With its 1750 m, the Main Street of Plovdiv is the longest pedestrian zone in Europe. Here you can enjoy a charming mix of styles with ornaments and elements of classicism, baroque, rococo, secession and modernism. This is not only the perfect starting point for a tour, but also a highly developed shopping area.


Plovdiv is the perfect place for a truly wonderful culinary experience. Become immersed in the diversity of Kapana Creative District. Originating as a trade and craft district, today Kapana charms with its intertwining narrow streets and with the original architecture of the buildings, and has become a favourite place for locals and visitors. 

Along the Main Street and Kapana
©Dimitra Lefterova

Capture the Sunset from the Hills

Plovdiv is well-known as the city under the hills. Although they are in an urban environment, some of Plovdiv’s hills are valued as unique habitats of rare plants and animals. They are also home to a rich historical and archaeological heritage. Today the hills are a favourite place for relaxation. There is no other place so easily accessible, from where you can see the majestic views of the ancient city. 

Sunset from the Hills - Plovdiv
©Dimitra Lefterova


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