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Best railway stations

Best railway stations

that make you want to travel in Europe

Railway stations are found at the beginning and to the end of the trip. They allow people around the world to travel in Europe and are often gems of architecture. Take your ticket for the most beautiful railway stations in Europe.


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Best railway stations in Europe - Liege Guillemins Station Copyrigth Raphael Christinat - European Best Destinations -
© Raphael Christinat /

1. Liège-Guillemins

Liege - Belgium

Liège-Guillemins railway station is the main station of the city of Liège, the fifth largest city in Belgium. It is one of the most important hubs in the country and is one of the 3 Belgian stations on the high-speed rail network. The station is used by 15,000 people every day which makes it the eleventh busiest station in Belgium and the third in Wallonia. The new station by the architect Santiago Calatrava was officially opened on 18 September 2009. (©CC). 


Best railway stations in Europe - Atocha Station Copyright Yulia Grigoryeva - European Best Destinations
© Yulia Grigoryeva /

2. Atocha

Madrid - Spain

Madrid Atocha is the largest railway station in Madrid. The Atocha station is really a railway complex, formed by the Madrid Atocha Cercanías and Madrid Puerta de Atocha stations of the Spanish national railways and the Atocha Renfe station of the Madrid underground. (©CC).


best railway stations in Europe - Antwerp central station Copyright Olgysha -  European Best Destinations
© Olgysha /

3. Antwerp Central

Antwerp - Belgium

Antwerpen-Centraal (Antwerp Central) is the name of the main railway station in the Belgian city of Antwerp. The station is now widely regarded as the finest example of railway architecture in Belgium, although the extraordinary eclecticism of the influences on Delacenserie's design had led to a difficulty in assigning it to a particular architectural style.(©CC).


Best railway stations in Europe - istanbul haydarpaşa station Copyright Altug Karakoc - European Best Destinations
©Altug Karakoc

4. Haydarpasa

Istanbul - Turkey

The Haydarpaşa Terminal or Haydarpaşa Terminus is a major intercity terminal and transportation hub in Kadıköy, in Istanbul. It is the busiest rail terminal in Turkey and one of the busiest in Eastern Europe. The terminal also has connections to bus and ferry services. (©CC).


Best railway stations in Europe - Zagreb Central Station Copyright  TTstudio  - European Best Destinations
© TTstudio

5. Zagreb Glavni kolodvor

Zagreb - Croatia

Zagreb Glavni kolodvor (Croatian for Zagreb main station) is the main railway station in Zagreb. Located 1 km south of the city's main square, it is largest station in Croatia and the main hub of the Croatian Railways network.


 Best railway stations in Europe - Limoges Station Copyrigt Nicolas MIPImages - European Best Destinations

6. Limoges-Bénédictins

Limoges - France

Limoges-Bénédictins is the main railway station of Limoges. It is situated on the Orléans–Montauban railway. It was named Bénédictins due to the presence of a Benedictine monastery closed during the French Revolution. (©CC).


Best railway stations in Europe - Sao Bento Station Copyright MIPImages -  European Best Destinations

7. São Bento

Porto - Portugal

São Bento Railway Station is located in the city of Porto, in Portugal. Inaugurated in 1916, the historical station is known for its tile (azulejo) panels that depict scenes of the History of Portugal. It is located in the Almeida Garret Square, in the centre of the city. (©CC).


Best railway stations in Europe - Saint Pancras Station Copyrigth  jan kranendonk - European Best Destinations
© jan kranendonk

8. St. Pancras

London - England

St Pancras railway station, also known as London St Pancras and since 2007 as St Pancras International, is a central London railway terminus and Grade I listed building located on Euston Road in the St Pancras area of the London Borough of Camden. It stands between the British Library, King's Cross station and the Regent's Canal and is a structure widely known for its Victorian architecture. (©CC).


Best railway stations in Europe - Gare de Lyon Paris - Copyright sigurcamp  - European Best Destinations

9. Gare de Lyon

Paris - France

Paris-Gare de Lyon (or Gare de Lyon) is one of the six large mainline railway station termini in Paris, France. It handles about 90,000,000 passengers every year, making it the third busiest station of France and one of the busiest of Europe. It is the northern terminus of the Paris–Marseille railway. It is named after the city of Lyon, a stop for many long-distance trains departing here, most en route to the south of France. The station is located in the XIIe arrondissement, on the north bank of the river Seine, in the east of Paris. (©CC).


Best railway stations in Europe - Central Station Milan - European Best Destinations Copyright Rostislav Glinsky
© Rostislav Glinsky /

10. Milano Centrale

Milan - Italy

Milano Centrale is the main railway station of Milan, Italy, and one of the main railway stations in Europe. The station is a railway terminus and was officially inaugurated in 1931 to replace the old central station (1864), which was a transit station and could not handle the new traffic caused by the opening of the Simplon tunnel in 1906.



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