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River Kolpa

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The River Kolpa is a tourist destination in the far south-eastern part of Slovenia. This green beauty is comprised of a 113km-long strip of land which borders the Republic of Croatia. The river is one of the warmest and intact rivers in Slovenia. Passing along more than 50 ancient dams from Osilnica, Kostel, Kočevje, Črnomelj, Semič and Metlika, it is a magnificent location for a grand variety of activities and an unforgettable holiday. The river is particularly popular in the summer months, as the water's temperature rises up to 30°C.


The river is the best to know from the canoe, from which the visitor discovers a nature and rich wildlife, especially protected in Regional Park Kolpa. Walking, cycling and meditative pathways are marked and guide you from one story to another.


The river is attractive all year round. If you decide to pay Kolpa a visit, you surely won't regret it. You can choose among a wide range of sports and recreational activities all along the river's stream, such as boating, canoeing, cayacing or rafting. The river is not very demanding and it is suitable even for first-time rowers. Even fishing lovers will get their share from the river


Local tradition and hospitality are a part of the region’s allure. Traditional crafts such as “Belokranjske pisanica” - painting Easter eggs in Bela Krajina, embroidering linen, , pottery and basket weaving are still practiced by the local artisans. The area is also home to various Slovenian delicacies, among which are excellent wines, “Kostelska rakija” – brandy from Kostel, home made apple juice, natural mineral water, “Belokranjska pogača” – a traditional flatbread, cereal sausage, “Kostelski želodec” – a traditional meat food and many other specialties are still cooked according to the traditional recipes. 


River Kolpa

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