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The best Halloween destinations in Europe

Europe is probably one of the best places in the world to travel to because it offers a wide variety of different landscapes on a very small geographic area. What is also true is that charming and romantic cities can be transformed for Halloween, in the capital of horror, terror and fear. Celebrate Halloween in Europe, the continent of kings, castles, tales and legends and shiver in the best destinations to celebrate Halloween in Europe.

Corinaldo - Best destinations for Halloween in Europe - Copyright  Krivosheev Vitaly - European Best Destinations
Copyright Krivosheev Vitaly



Like all human beings, Corinaldo has two faces. That of a welcoming city, a charming destination awarded by the European Commission for its incredible nature and landscapes. That being said, you should also know that the citizens of Corinaldo are also descendants of witches that they worship.


Corinaldo is the capital of witches on Halloween, the most diabolical place to celebrate Halloween. If you are brave enough, come to Corinaldo for the most evil event "Halloween - The witches' festival" that will take place on the last 4 days of October. Benvenuti all'inferno!


Amsterdam - Best destinations for Halloween in Europe - Copyright  Krivosheev Vitaly - European Best Destinations
Copyright Krivosheev Vitaly


The Netherlands

Amsterdam is not only canals, shops or coffee shops, it is also in recent years the perfect destination for Halloween. Amsterdam loves it so much that they celebrate it  for three days at the Halloween Festival Amsterdam. Book your hotel room at the best price, It might not be haunted!. We have also selected  the best things to do during your stay in Amsterdam.


London - Best destinations for Halloween in Europe - Copyright Petar Paunchev
Copyright Petar Paunchev


The United Kingdom

London is the scariest place to be on Halloween. This year the ghosts of the most famous serial killers are coming in London to welcome you.


Book your hotel in the streets of East London, in the Whitechapel area where you will see the ghost of Jack the Riper. Walk through the darkest anf foggiest streets of the city that never sleeps and prepare yourself for the scariest Halloween in London.


Bomarzo park of the monsters  - Best destinations for Halloween in Europe - Copyright canadastock
Copyright canadastock

Monsters park

Bomarzo - Italy

The monsters park in Italy is a huge park, an extravagant one, symbol of the Italian Renaissance. The story of the park is murky and historians fail to agree on its origin or the meaning of the statues representing monsters. You can find them everywhere in the park. We invite the most adventurous ones to cross the Ogre’s gate also called the gate to Hell and discover the dark side of your personality. 


Bratislava - Best destinations for Halloween in Europe - Copyright  TTstudio
Copyright TTstudio



Bratislava is the capital of horror at Halloween. This beautiful city turns into a big party place for zombies, monsters and evil old witches. As monsters also love parties, Bratislava organizes many events including Halloween Party Erasmus Bratislava and Bratislava International Halloween Party to host the most terrifying creatures and evils in the world. 


It is one of the best places to celebrate Halloween. Book your hotel in Bratislava at the best price and book some of the best activities to discover Bratislava.


 Dracula Castle Bran Castle - Best destinations for Halloween in Europe - Copyright Anton_Ivanov
Copyright Anton_Ivanov

Dracula Castle


Welcome to Dracula’s place or more precisely to VLAD III‘s place. Vlad the Impaler, who will bend over backwards to make you live an unforgettable Halloween party ! Located in the woods of Transylvania, Romania, Bran Castle is the perfect place for you to torture your mind  on Halloween night. The tourist village at the foot of the castle will provide you in cloves of garlic if you want to protect yourself from vampires at night. Book your hotel near Dracula’s castle as well as guided tours of the castle.


 Edinburgh - Best destinations for Halloween in Europe - Copyright Savvapanf Photo
Copyright Savvapanf Photo



Edinburgh is a wonderful destination for a city trip with friends or with family at Halloween. Enjoy a night break, surrounded by Zombies and Vampires who feel at home in this medieval city.


Celebrate Halloween at Edinburgh Castle, visit the city in the light of lanterns ... there are dozens of events in Edinburgh to make your stay as scary as possible, so book your hotel in Edinburgh at the best price and book your activities for example a visit to the Edinburgh Castle or to the Loch Ness, to Glencoe in the Highlands.


Bruges- Best destinations for Halloween in Europe - Copyright  Brugge Toerisme
Copyright Brugge Toerisme



Bruges is not only the capital of lace in Europe. The "little Venice of the North" is just as romantic as evil on Halloween. Beware of waterghost that jaunts the Love Lake.  Experience the dark ages of medieval Bruges at night, with a dark city walk, where guides tell the legends, sagas and myths of the places where they would have happened ... Or was it really true? Come and find it out. Discover this perfect destination for halloween and book your creepy hotel as well as the best activities in Bruges.


Oravsky Hrad - Best destinations for Halloween in Europe - Copyright  TTstudio
Copyright TTstudio

Oravsky Hrad 


If Dracula's Castle is not scary enough for you, why not visit Nosferatu’s castle in Slovakia? “Nosferatu” a silent film by Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau was made in 1922 and was inspired from “Count Dracula”. In 1925 a judicial decision was made to suppress all the copies of the film, but fortunately it was protected. We recommend you to view it before you go to Oravsky Hrad for Halloween, one of the scariest places to spend Halloween in Europe.


Prague - Best destinations for Halloween in Europe - Copyright  Inu
Copyright Inu


Czech Republic

Prague is beautiful and romantic and full of flowers. Lovers discover the beautiful European traditional city where they can relax, but its fine medieval bridges, narrow streets, and sculptures, take a new meaning when the scariest night in the year falls on Europe. Come celebrate Halloween in the capital of horror, tickets are free for zombies and evil beings ! You can find your hotel, haunted or not, in our selection of hotels in Prague and a selection of the best activities in Prague.


 Blackpool - Best destinations for Halloween in Europe - Copyright Paul Daniels
Copyright Paul Daniels


United Kingdom

Because people love to be scared at Halloween, Blackpool is one of the best destinations to celebrate Halloween with its dozens of fairground attractions for all ages including The Blackpool Tower Dungeon. If you want to relax on the beach, enjoy scary moments on the Vampire Beach. Book your hotel at the best price at Blackpool for Halloween.


Venice - Best destinations for Halloween in Europe - Copyright  Istvan Csak
Copyright Istvan Csak



What is there behind that mask?


When night falls, when fog invades the city and boaters have gone back home, when the pigeons have left St. Mark's Square, Venice shows another face,  that of a scary city where beings are all dressed in black and wander in the streets. Come discover them and be swept away by the wave of terror of one of the scariest European destinations for Halloween. Book your haunted hotel in Venice and offer you extras from our selection of the best activities in Venice.



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