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Hotels in Eger

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Eger is one of Hungary’s most famous towns, characterised by superior wines, natural healing water springs, and noteworthy monuments. It was founded in 1004 C. A., around the time King Stephen made Christianity the religion of the nation. Eger is influenced by Christian and Turkish culture, Baroque and Classicist architecture. The town has a charming medieval atmosphere, where a thousand-year-old castle, thirty-eight temple towers and hills with vineyards provide a compelling backdrop.


In Eger you are never far away from all the highlights. Another advantage of this small city is the diversity of distractions and entertainment. In practice, this means there are visitors with many interests of every age throughout the year.It is as common to see families leave the grandparents at one of the many cafes, while the younger ones go off to discover the town, as it is to see the youngsters being left at a cool bar while the parents go to admire the Baroque architecture. It’s fair to say that only those people who enjoy eating, drinking, history, sport, adventure events, architecture or art will enjoy spending time here. It’s not a mystery as to why the town’s population swells to twice its size during the high season.


Eger is Hungary’s historical wine region. The region’s grape and viniculture dates back nearly 1,000 years. The best place to try exceptional wines in Eger is in the Valley of Beautiful Women (Szépasszony völgy). Here you will find more than 200 producers, some of the best wines in Hungary, assembled along one of the country’s most famous wine cellar routes. These are typically open year-round and all day long. 


Naturally, you can also taste wines at the many wine bars, restaurants, and wineries around Eger. Do take the opportunity to talk to the winemakers on site, while tasting. They are often very friendly and happy to chat about flavours, fragrance and their philosophy of wine making.


Outdoor and adventure activities are well-catered for, in and around Eger. Facilities provided by nature such as the Eged Mountains, Lake Tisza, Bukk Forest, natural springs, rutting stags, meteorites and waterfalls are augmented by the manmade. The wildlife preserve, paragliding and plane tours, restaurants, cycle path network and a light railway add to the thrills, perspectives convenience and comfort when enjoying the great outdoors near the Hungarian Great Plain.


Best hotel deals

in Eger


Imola Udvarház - Dessert Hotel

Located directly under the Castle of Eger

This hotel has an excellent location score of 9.9



Hotel Eger & Park ★★★★

Next to the Theatre in Eger's historical centre

The wellness centre offers various pools & saunas



Boutique Hostel Forum

400 m from the Thermal Bath

City view, private parking at the hotel



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Tours & Activities

in Eger

Top things to do

in Eger

Explore the thousand year old town on foot

The really great thing about a small city is the way you can get a sense of the place, and navigate it really quickly, allowing you to feel at home. In addition to this, Eger is an entertaining, diverting, educating, relaxing and delicious place. 


Due to diverse things of interest to do and see, it really is a very big little town. The restaurants and cafes have their own styles and atmosphere and offer something for everyone– a quick tasty snack or a fine dining experience, something delicious for a couple of euros, as well as locally sourced, handmade, organic ingredients. As you can imagine there’s always a great selection of wine as well.




Explore the city on foot

Spa time

Eger is an elegant bath town. The water related buildings are worth visiting as for their architecture  but it is better to discover the well situated bath in the innercity to cool down in the summer heat. Eger has miraculous thermal water. The bath recalls us the civilian times and there are now two more big swimming pools built. 

Furthermore there is a health-park and the unique Turkish bath. Good news for bathing fans! In the 3-30-km sorrounding area of Eger there are baths of individual character and services: In Egerszalók, Bükkszék, Mezőkövesd, all of them are waiting for visitors with renovated baths.



Spa time in Eger

Wine tasting

Eger is the home of Hungary’s most famous wine route, called “The Valley of the Beautiful Lady”. It is quite unknown outside of Hungary, and this definitely gives an extra charm to it.  There are about 200 authentic wine cellars in the valley engraved in rhyolite tuff caves. Eventhough the entire place looks like a bit of a time travel to the 80s’, there are many cellars that are quite trendy in style. You find special vintages and award winning wines from the Bordeaux Wine Olympics - all in a very affordable price. Do not miss the opportunity to taste these treasures, and become a self-nominated sommelier.  Once being in Eger, taste “Egri Bikavér” (Bull’ Blood), which is a ruby red cuvee wine with rich aromas and “Egri Csillag” (the Star of Eger), an elegant light, emblematic, cuvee wine of the region. 



Wine tasting in Eger

Visit the Castle of Eger

The castle is one of the key icons of Eger. The heroic defence in 1552 made the castle famous when the small number of defenders led by captain István Dobó repelled the many times larger Turkish army in a heroic struggle. The castle is honoured to be part of Hungary’s cultural heritage. It is not only a legendary monument, but a living fortress that keeps 16th century’s traditions alive. The year is full of medieval festivals and knight tournaments, events for the pleasure of history lovers and families alike. 




Visit the Castle of Eger

Explore the nature: hiking, biking, meteor watching... and a lot more

There  are plenty things to do for those who like active holidays.

Eger has a perfect location. The hills around are calling to discover them! Let yourself be tempted and go the the surrounding countryside of Eger. Every direction you go you can discover a lot of interesting treasures! Discover the area, visit Bükk National Park: see the waterfalls, caves, and nice views. Hiking for beginners and pros on foot or by bike.


In Eger you have the opportunity to bike along the bike road and discover the whole city this way. At busy roads there are separated bike roads so even the small ones can enjoy it safe! The most interesting part of the road is near Dobó square where you can bike really on the coast of Eger-stream. We recomment to try it!


Explore the nature in Eger


of Eger