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Bohinj, Alpine Valley with Lake


Thousands of years under Triglav and 240 years since it was first climbed


Imagine a place under the sky, where the sun warms and a gentle wind lightly cools your back and face. Sometimes the clouds travel above you and sometimes you are above them. Silence is all around. And then everything changes. A farmer mows grass and chops wood, children joyfully play. Pine trees move gently in the wind, marmots whistle, ibex, chamois and mouflons tramp.


This is the world underneath Triglav mountain. The Alpine background constantly changes. And offers new timeless views. There is not only one perfect scene for photographs. There are numerous scenes every second. And then only one sun ray, one cloud in the sky, one breeze and one step forward change everything. Here the best photos are created by memories.

This is Bohinj.


This year we celebrate 240 years since the first recorded climb to Triglav, the highest mountain in the Julian Alps. In the past, the mountains were sacred and considered unclimbable, wrapped in the mystical world of legends and mythology. Today, we can meet numerous mountaineers on more than 400 km of well-preserved hiking and mountaineering trails in Bohinj, who come from all over the world. But this piece of the European Alps still belongs to the Kingdom of the Goldhorn. There are 7000 animal species and 1600 plant species present in this UNESCO biosphere reservation of the Triglav National Park that protects the cohabitation of nature and man. And 4 flowers carry Triglav's name. It is not surprising that at the end of May and the beginning of June, when all the valley blossoms in magnificent colours, this area hosts the International Wild Flower Festival. Visitors get the chance to attend seminars, workshops and guided tours in the mountains of the Triglav National Park, and get directly in contact with the extraordinary colourful richness of this fragile and magnificent world.


Bohinj, the proud member of selected Alpine Pearls destinations, is sustainably oriented and committed to preserving the environment, biodiversity and the traditional way of life. Tourist infrastructure follows the trends of sustainable mobility, with minimum impact on the natural environment and traditional agriculture. Despite this there are numerous activities in nature available in Bohinj and not under the influence of mass tourism. This year, Lonely Planet ranked the Julian Alps among the 10 best European destinations.



Welcome to Bohinj and the Triglav National Park! 


The Triglav National Park is the oldest, greatest and only national park in Slovenia. Bohinj is at the heart of it. The protected natural and cultural area surrounding the highest Slovenian mountain, Triglav. Due to the sensitive natural environment and its fragility, the park is also a part of Unesco’s Man and the Biosphere Programme. 





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Top things to do

in Bohinj


The mountains, hills and pastures in Bohinj are intertwined with well-marked and maintained hiking and mountaineering trails, with more than 400 km. You will find shelter in well-maintained alpine huts along these trails, where you will be able to rest or even sleep over. Hit the Bohinj Hiking Trail or choose among various tours to suit your abilities. Bohinj is also perfect for cycling and the circular Bohinj cycling route is the perfect choice for families. 


Hiking in Bohinj

International Wild Flowers Festival

Bohinj offers the most diverse and colourful landscape right before the summer, when a palette of living colours bursts across meadows and the mountain rocks seem like they are blossoming. Do not miss this orchestra of colours and celebrate it together with the locals.


International Wild Flowers Festival

Savica Waterfall

Lake Bohinj water comes from the Savica Waterfall that springs amidst the steep wall of Komarča and creates a magnificent 78 m high waterfall. From the peaceful and quiet lake, water runs in the shortest Slovenian river Jezernica, which after a few metres joins the Mostnica and together they create the Sava Bohinjka River.


Savica Waterfall

Vogel (1535 m above sea level)


The winter high mountain natural ski centre also offers various activities in summer. The mountain is accessible by cable car, enabling a magnificent experience for  disabled admirers of alpine nature too. It is an excellent starting point for hiking and mountain cycling, due to its fresh climate it is considered also as a climatic health resort.




High quality products from Bohinj Valley

Do not miss culinary delights and local craft products under the Bohinjsko/From Bohinj brand which is under strict supervision, thus guaranteeing the originality and origin of products made by local producers and masters of crafts.



Local food of Bohinj


of Bohinj


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