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Tens of thousands of cherry trees bloom in the most beautiful cities in Japan every year. An extraordinary sight that thousands of  travellers have the chance to enjoy in spring. This experience is called "hanami".


If you want to live a similar experience in Europe, discover our selection of some of the best destinations to enjoy cherry blossoms. Smell the perfume of the cherry trees and appreciate their soft and soothing colours.


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Best destinations to enjoy Cherry Blossoms in Europe - Cherry trees street in Bonn Copyright HeadSpinPhoto - European Best Destinations
Copyright HeadSpinPhoto

1. Bonn


It is certainly the most beautiful and the most famous Japanese cherry trees alley in Europe. Dozens of cherry trees in bloom are growing on the "Heertrasse" avenue in Bonn; they offer a wonderful setting for a romantic stroll. If you are a music lover, the house of Beethoven is worth a visit (it is very near). Come visit the famous cherry blossom alley from late March to early May in Bonn. Book your flight tickets and hotel at the best price guaranteed. 


Cherry blossoms in Europe - STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN The public park Kungstradgarden with beautiful blooming cherry tree avenue and distant people Copyright   Hans Christiansson   - European Best Destinations
Copyright Hans Christiansson

2. Stockholm


The Kungstradgarden Park, established in 1400 in the heart of Stockholm, is a meeting place for residents and tourists who have the chance to visit this beautiful city. The park is open all year round but we recommend a visit from March to early May when cherry trees are in bloom.


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Cherry blossoms in Europe - Cherry Blossoms Archway Normanton, West Yorkshire Copyright Michiko Smitht  - European Best Destinations
Copyright Michiko Smitht

3. Archway Normanton

West Yorkshire

What a good idea it was to plant dozens of cherry trees in the old Normanton churchyard. Those beautiful  blooming trees bring visitors comfort  and peace.


Cherry blossom tree in Europe - Almond blossom in the garden of the castle Schwetzingen in Germany copyright Midgarson - European Best Destinations
Copyright Midgarson

4. Schwetzingen Castle


There is a wonderful cherry trees alley in the gardens of Schwetzingen. Make up your mind to get there in May. You will also enjoy a very famous music festival. 


Cherry Blossoms in Europe - Walk path surrounded with blossoming plum trees at Meadows park, Edinburgh. Colorful spring landscape Copyright  SergeBertasiusPhotography- European Best Destinations

5. Edinburgh


 "The Meadows" is a public park where you can play cricket, tennis or  just walk on a beautiful Japanese cherry blossom alley between mid-March and early May.


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Cherry blossoms in Europe - Spring day in the park with the cherry trees in full bloom. Sunlight sprinkling the foliage and offers a singular play of light. Park in Goteborg Copyrigth Bjon Carlsson- European Best Destinations
Bjon Carlsson-

6. Gothenburg


Sweden is worth a visit during the flowering season of Japanese cherry trees. Gothenburg and Stockholm are among the best destinations to admire Japanese cherry trees in bloom in Europe. Go to the Gothenburg Botanical Garden between April and early May and enjoy this moment.


Book your hotel and your best activities in Gothenburg today !


Cherry blossoms in Europe - Saint Stephen's Green park, Dublin Copyright Giancarlo Liguori - European Best Destinations
Copyright Giancarlo Liguori

7. Saint Stephen's Green park - Dublin


Located in the heart of Dublin city centre, this beautiful park is a haven of peace that will soon commemorate 500 years. Come to rest  breathe the air, have a picnic or simply walk around  and admire the flowering of these magnificent Japanese cherry trees from mid-March to the beginning of May.


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Cherry blossoms in Europe - Botanical Garden of Essen Copyright  Andrew Mayovskyy   - European Best Destinations
Copyright Andrew Mayovskyy

8. Botanical Garden of Essen


Just push the door of the Essen botanical garden and discover the beautiful alley of young Japanese cherry trees in bloom. Come and breathe their delicious fragrance and discover many other tree species in this green and quiet location in the city of Essen in Germany.


Book your hotel at the best price guaranteed in Essen and your flight tickets and discover these beautiful flowered paths from April to May.


Cherry blossoms in Europe - Bristol Park in spring flowers Copyright Anna Kepa   - European Best Destinations
Copyright Anna Kepa

9. Bristol

United Kingdom

The English people love gardens; there are beautiful gardens and beautiful blooming trees everywhere in England. Head for Bristol Park, enjoy the beautiful show and kiss your lover under a rain of petals of pink flowers. Book your flight tickets and hotel at the best price guaranteed in this romantic town.



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