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Best amazing events

Best amazing events in Europe

Looking for incredible events? In Europe you will find every year thousands of incredible events, we have selected for you the top of the most amazing events in Europe. Discover the Human Towers in Spain, the Santa Claus competition in Scotland, The Cooper's Hill Cheese-Rolling, The blessing of the animals in Rome, the Krampusnacht in Klagenfurt, the Tomatina in Bunuol, and the biggest battle of wine in Europe. In Europe there is so much to discover! 

Best amazing events in Europe - Cheese Rolling - Copyright1000 Words - European Best Destinations
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1. The Cooper's Hill Cheese-Rolling

The Cooper's Hill Cheese-Rolling and Wake is an annual event held on the Spring Bank Holiday at Cooper's Hill, near Gloucester in England. It is traditionally by and for the people who live in the local village of Brockworth, but now people from all over the world take part. The Guardian called it a "world-famous event", and indeed, in 2013, a 27 year old American and a 39 year old Japanese each won one of the four races. The event takes its name from the hill on which it occurs.

The event is traditional. In recent years, it has been managed in a quasi-official manner, but since 2010 the event has taken place spontaneously without any management. (©


Best events in Europe - Castells de tarragane - Copyright Ivan Marc - European Best Destinations
Ivan Marc /

2. El Concurs de Castells

El Concurs de Castells is the best competition of Castells in Spain ( held every two years). One of the main attractions of the event is that it is the only day of the season when all the “Castells” are scored according to difficulty . All the groups are participating in the competition framework conducive try his best buildings . The Council of Tarragona is the organizer and since 2014 has the collaboration of the City of Torredembarra. (©


Best amazing events in Europe - La tomatina - Copyright  Iakov Filimonov - European Best Destinations
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3. La Tomatina

The origins of this mass tomato battle date back to a fight amongst children in 1945 and it has been celebrated every year since then.


The “Tomatina” is held on the last Wednesday in August in the town of Buñol. This unusual fiesta brings together crowds of people every year, ready to have a great time of laugher and fun, hurling tomatoes at each other. Participants at this joyful pitched battle have a wonderful time throwing tomatoes at anything that moves. (©


Amazing events in Europe - Blessing of the animals Copyright a katz -  - European Best Destinations
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4. The Blessing of the animals

Annual tradition takes place in Rome and across Italy. On Friday 17 January Italy celebrates the feast day of St Anthony Abbot, the patron saint and protector of animals.


Each year, for the last seven consecutive years, an open air stable is assembled by the Italian Association of Livestock Farmers (AIA) at Piazza Pio XII in front of St Peter's Square in Vatican City. This traditional exhibition of animals, which includes cows, sheep, goats and hens, takes place from 09.00 until about 15.00 and is open to all. As in previous years, pet owners are invited to bring their cats and dogs for a free check-up from veterinarians provided by the farmers' association. (©


Amazing Events in Europe - Aberdeen Santa Run -  Copyright ChameleonsEye - European Best Destinations
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5. The Aberdeen Santa Run

The Aberdeen Santa Run takes place on the first week of December. It is a 6km fun run along our beautiful beach front with a festive twist...all participants will be wearing Santa Suits! The first Aberdeen Santa Run took place in 2008 with more than one thousand people from across Aberdeenshire and beyond taking part. This fun Christmas event was covered by STV, the Sun and the Daily Record. This year's Santa Run event is set to be even bigger and better! (©wildheartevents).


Regatta delle Befane - Best amazing events in Europe  - European Best Destinations Copyright van Marc
Ivan Marc /

6. The Regatta delle Befane

For a great Epiphany in Venice, Italy the Regatta delle Befane Venezia will offer entertainment and shows for adults and children, including sweets, tradition and fun. One of the great classics in Venice in January, the Regatta delle Befane in Venezia, held every year to celebrate the Epiphany in Venice, is one of the most traditional events in Venice on January 6.A timeless way to celebrate this important Christian festival of Epiphany in harmony with the essence of the city. (©Venetoinside).


Krampusnacht - Strangest events in Europe -  European Best Destinations Copyright Budimir Jevtic
Budimir Jevtic

7. Krampusnacht in Klagenfurt

Krampus is celebrated on Krampusnacht, which takes place on the eve of St. Nicholas’ Day. In Austria, Northern Italy and other parts of Europe, party-goers masquerade as devils, wild-men, and witches to participate in Krampuslauf (Krampus Run). Intoxicated and bearing torches, costumed devils caper and carouse through the streets terrifying child and adult alike. Krampusnacht is increasingly being celebrated in other parts of Europe such as Finland and France, as well as in many American cities. (©


Best amazing event in Europe - Haro wine festival - Copyright Iakov Filimonov - European Best Destinations
© Iakov Filimonov /

8. Haro wine festival

In the sixth century the rocks around the mountain where the fight is held was home to a hermit monk, who later became the patron saint of the town of Haro.


These mountains became a pilgrimage spot, especially on this special religious day, and after mass the pilgrims would gather for a feast, which would invariably get a little rowdy – to the point that a wine fight would break out.


Every year on the 29th of June, thousands of locals and a handful of lucky tourists climb a mountain in La Rioja, Spain, and throw wine on each other. (©


Hogmanay - Strangest events in Europe - Copyright Shaiith -  European Best Destinations

9. Hogmanay

Hogmanay is what the Scots call New Year's Eve - 31 December - and the arrival of the new year is always celebrated in style across the country.


In the big cities, you'll find large-scale open air concerts, street parties and spectacular fireworks welcoming 'the bells' (when the clocks chime midnight). Elsewhere, the celebrations are all about community and local events such as dinner dances, ceildhs or just parties held in neighbours' houses which get visited in turn as 'first footers' go from house to house to be the first to wish everyone a good new year. (©CC).


Best amazing events in Europe - World Santa Clauss Congress - Copyright hans.slegers

10. The World Santa Claus Congress

The World Santa Claus Congress has taken place in the Dyrehavsbakken amusement park (usually shortened to Bakken) north of Copenhagen in Denmark since 1957. Every summer, Bakken is invaded by Santas from around the world who gather to spread good Christmas cheer, have fun and socialise with their peers. (©CC).



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