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Best destinations for Easter in Europe

Easter is important to European children. They are told that thousands of huge bells full of chocolate eggs leave Rome and lay their chocolates all over Europe. According to legend, if you make a funny face while the bells are in the sky just above your head  you might keep a funny face forever!


Easter in Europe is also a time of year when sunny days are back, flowers in bloom and days longer and warmer. Enjoy Europe's best destinations for your Easter holidays.


1. Craiova



This year discover the fantastic world of Alice in Wonderland in the Best Easter Destination in Europe! Craiova in spring is literally blossoming. Considered once upon the time the capital of Southern Romanian Aristocracy, Craiova offers now the most beautiful landscapes with amazing flowers in its parks, gardens and public spaces. During Eastern and spring, many projects on urban regeneration are underway in the Nicolae Romanescu Park


In Romanescu Park, one of the largest parks of Europe, ranked among the most beautiful city parks in Europe, there are hundreds of thousands of beautiful and colourful tulips and different other flowers. Designed by the French architect Édouard Redont at the beginning of the 20th century, Romanescu Park was awarded with the gold medal at the Paris Universal Exhibition in 1900. It occupies an area of about 100 hectares and is located in the southern part of Craiova. Ample reliefs, alleyways, springs, water mirrors, waterfalls, a charming castle, a suspended bridge, the hippodrome, velodrom, pier, zoo and terrarium are all enclosed in the frenzied abundance of vegetation. 


Inside the park, children and tourists can taste the goodies from Zoofetaria – a cake shop with pastries in form of animals, they can take a ride with an electric karting car or with the swan-hydrobikes on the lake. From April to September, the Romanescu Park is the perfect host for concerts, theater plays and festivals at the Summer Theater - the largest open-air showroom in Craiova, with a unique architecture and perfect acoustic. 


This year, until 1st of May, Romanescu Park is the home of a magical land - Easter Market. With fantastic unique painted cottages like in fairy tales, with a giant doll, almost five meters high, placed near Casa Bibescu in the park and dozens of figurines of impressive sizes - hats, watches, mushrooms and chessboards, just like in the well-known story, Alice in Wonderland.


Travellers coming to see the Craiova Easter Fair can find also traditional seasonal products, handmade products from local and regional producers, concerts, workshops and playgrounds for children.


During the night, more than 130,000 light bulbs lit up and complete the Romanescu Park fairy tale atmosphere, every evening, in such a way that children and parents feel in "wonderland", just like the protagonist of the story from the chosen theme, Alice. 


Copyright De leoks

2. Vienna


Vienna is in the top 10 European destinations that are most successful with travellers. Vienna is welcoming and safe. The city is an open-air museum where history and cultu!re meet. You can enjoy Mozart's piano concertos in the Golden Hall of the Muzikverein, discover the Schönbrunn Palace or just stroll through the many Easter markets everywhere in the city. Three Easter markets await you in Vienna.


Book your activities and hotel in Vienna today for a wonderful Easter holiday


Zagreb - Easter destinations in Europe - Copyright xbrchx - European Best Destinations
Copyright xbrchx

3. Zagreb


Zagreb is certainly one of the most fashionable European destinations in recent years! It is a perfect destination for a city trip in winter with the best Christmas market in Europe. Go shopping and enjoy the beautiful terraces and parks at Easter.


If you want to celebrate Easter with huge decorated eggs, Zagreb is the ideal destination. You will be amazed by its originality and charm. If you do not know what to do during your stay in Zagreb, check out the many activities we offer and book your guided tours and excursions as well as your hotel, guesthouse, B&B or apartment at the best price in Zagreb.


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4. Rome


The best place to celebrate Easter in the Catholic tradition is certainly Rome. Italy, home to the Vatican, is one of the most Catholic European countries. No wonder that Easter is celebrated here with as much fervor as Christmas.


Churches are open at Easter and full of people,but most museums are closed on Sunday and Easter Monday. Take advantage of this opportunity to visit places such as the Spanish steps or the Trevi Fountain.


Of course restaurants and many shops are open at Easter in Rome. Discover the best activities and tours in Rome and plan an unforgettable trip to the capital of Italy by booking your hotel, guesthouse, B&B or apartment at the best price in Rome.



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5. Prague

Czech Republic

Prague is the romantic city par excellence in Europe but it is also a perfect destination for your Easter holidays. The people from Prague love Easter and  have one of the most important Easter markets: the Prague Easter Market on the Old Town Square. You will have plenty of time to enjoy it.It starts on April 1st and lasts for three weeks.


Come discover Prague, its castle, the old town, and the thousand and one things to see and do in this city. Travellers from all over the world love it !


Copyright Matthieu Cadiou / European Best Destinations

6. Colmar


Colmar, in Alsace, is a destination to be discovered throughout the year. It is the ideal place to be at Christmas; its market is famous! Colmar is also a very romantic destination for Valentine's Day and a perfect destination for a city trip at Easter for example.


Colmar celebrates Spring from 3rd April to 19th April 2020. There are two major Easter markets in the heart of the town. More than 70 exhibitors offer original and artisanal products. There are so many things to do in Colmar! Book your accommodation in Colmar. European best destinations will make you live unforgettable experiences such as tasting Alsace wines after walking in the vineyards of the region. Walk first, taste later!


Copyright Pawel Kazmierczak

7. Madeira


Madeira is certainly the most beautiful island in Europe with a mild climate all year round and an unspoiled nature. Madeira is rich in history, culture, gastronomy, tradition. You can enjoy the famous typical "Madeira Wine" on a terrace.  For a perfect stay we recommend the "Belmond Reid Palace" ,Winston Churchill’s favourite hotel. He also used to paint in the nearby fishing village of "Camara de lobos".


Madeira is the perfect destination at Easter for hikers, lovers, adventurers, retired people or young couples. It is a 5-star destination! Book your best activities as well as your hotel, B&B, guesthouse or villa in Madeira.


Copyright Stefano Valeri

8. Edinburgh


Start your Easter journey on the Royal Botanic Gardens Easter trail and try out the delicious chocolate bar made with its very own secret recipe. Uncover the missing ingredients to claim your chocolate reward from Mackie’s of Scotland. If you want a break from chocolate, why not check out Alba Puppets Easter Show at Edinburgh Castle to see what mayhem is about to ‘hatch’. Show off your artistic talents at the Fabergé  Family Fun event at the Palace of Holyrood where you can take part in an Easter egg hunt with a difference. Join the search for special bejewelled Fabergé eggs, complete puzzles with some traditional Scottish music and dancing throughout the day run by local performers CeilidhKids.


Dynamic Earth is offering a science fueled Easter this year with activities to celebrate Edinburgh’s International Science Festival including extreme explorer adventures, bird friendly craft and the opportunity to explore alien worlds. For more information, please visit 


Book your hotel, guesthouse, B&B or apartment in Edinburgh at the best price and  the best activities and tours in Scotland. 


Copyright Matthieu Cadiou / European Best Destinations

9. Milan


Millions of travellers love Milan. Discover the Piazza del Duomo, the Vittorio Emanuele II shopping mall. Milan is modern, traditional with an incredible architecture. It is also the capital of fashion, the ideal place for shopping enjoying the sun and the delicious Italian cuisine.


Plan your visit to Milan at Easter and enjoy lots of activities in Milan and its region. Book your hotel, guesthouse, B&B or apartment in Milan at the best price guaranteed for a perfect Easter holiday in Italy.


Copyright kavalenkava

10. Valletta


Easter on the island of Malta is a must event. For those who want to live Easter in a traditional way, Malta and especially Valletta are perfect destinations. Easter Monday is when Maltese meet as a family and children are offered chocolate eggs.


If you like dolphin watching celebrate Easter with your family on the island of Gozo located a few kilometres away! Find your hotel, apartment, guesthouse or B&B at the best price guaranteed in Malta and book the best activities and tours on this beautiful island for a perfect holiday on the island of Malta.


Nice - Easter destinations in Europe - Copyright LiliGraphie - European Best Destinations
Copyright LiliGraphie

11. Nice


Nice symbolizes the French Riviera. Nice is a chic and authentic destination Discover the traditional Provencal markets. Watch local artisans work and enjoy the cuisine. Nice is a very pleasant destination at Easter. The sun, sea, sky, colourful houses and gastronomy will enchant you!


Book your hotel, guesthouse, B&B or apartment in Nice at the best price and your best activities and tours .


Bristol - Easter destinations in Europe - Copyright Paul D Smith - European Best Destinations
Copyright Paul D Smith

12. Bristol


You will love this unique, beautiful and exciting town! The people are so nice!  Enjoy a complete change of scenery in Bristol and pay for your expenses with the Bristol pound in order to support the local shops.


Take the Bristol Ferry Boat for a guided tour of the town. Stroll around, have a drink or a meal in one of the cafés, restaurants of the town. Visit the original bookstores and unique shops. Do not forget to cross the Clifton Suspension Bridge: it is a symbol of the town.


Book your hotel, guesthouse, B&B or apartment at the best price guaranteed in Bristol and enjoy 100% of this unique destination at Easter.


Copyright Martin Lehmann

13. Lisbon


The capital of Portugal is one of the most beautiful European capitals. At the edge of the Tagus River, Lisbon offers landscapes of picture postcard It is a lively city. Discover its traditional markets, independent shops, delicious pastries, incredible and romantic castles, chic seaside resorts that inspired the creator of James Bond.


Spring and autumn are certainly the best two seasons to discover Lisbon. There are so many things to do in Lisbon!


Book your hotel, guesthouse, B&B, or apartment (even for small budgets). Treat yourself to a City Trip in one of the most trendy European capitals and book your accommodation today at the best price guaranteed in Lisbon as well as the best activities and tours.


Paris - Easter destinations in Europe - Copyright Ekaterina Pokrovsky - European Best Destinations
Copyright Ekaterina Pokrovsky

14. Paris


All of Paris is watching out for the sound of the Easter bells and looking forward to collecting master chocolatiers’s easter eggs and head pastry chefs’products. Egg hunting in Paris is THE thing to do at Easter.


Notre-Dame and the Sacre-Coeur have great celebrations. Come discover Paris, relax on the terraces and enjoy the first sunny days in the most beautiful city in Europe.


Book your direct access to the Eiffel Tower, your cruise ship or your access to the most beautiful museums in Paris. Make your stay in Paris unforgettable and book your hotel, B&B, guesthouse or apartment in Paris at the best price guaranteed. You can also book your favourite activities and tours in the capital of love.


Copyright Olena Z

15. Keukenhof & Zaanse Schans

The Netherlands

Visiting Keukenhof Gardens is one of the most interesting activities at Easter in Europe. Hundreds of thousands of colourful tulips grow there each year and are admired by visitors at Easter. You can also watch a traditional clog maker at work, walk in the beautiful village of Zaanse Schans and admire its windmills. Find the best accommodation in Keukenhof for your next holiday.


London - Easter destinations in Europe - Copyright PHOTOCREO Michal Bednarek - European Best Destinations
Copyright PHOTOCREO Michal Bednarek

16. London


London is very special. Feel the presence of famous characters such as Mary Poppins, Sherlock Holmes, Bridget Jones, Oliver Twist, James Bond, Harry Potter, or Mister Bean everywhere in the streets, parks, shops, hotels of London!


Spring is the best time of year to walk in the parks. Take a short boat trip in Hyde Park and admire the 4000 trees and the memorial to Princess Diana. Hyde Park is a haven of peace in London. Visit Richmond Park and get closer to one of the 650 deers who live in the wild.


London is the ideal place for shopping, visiting museums such as the Tate and the British Museum or just strolling through the streets of Notting Hill.


Choose your hotel, guesthouse, B&B, apartment at the best price guaranteed and the best activities and tours in London for a perfect stay in the capital of England. 


Rostock - Easter destinations in Europe - Copyright Oleksiy Mark - European Best Destinations
Copyright Oleksiy Mark

17. Rostock


Rostock is not very well known to travellers but it is an incredible European destination. The first university in Europe was founded in Rostock, Germany, and this is why Rostock is called the"city of light". Its many coloured facades are perfect, so special and full of charm.


Please visit the Scwherin fairytale castle and stroll through the castle gardens. It is the best way to enjoy an exceptional Easter holiday in Europe.


Book your accommodation in Rostock at the best price guaranteed for fairytale holidays in Germany.



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