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Charming little city of Marche-en-Famenne


Located on two main roads and served by the railway, Marche-en-Famenne benefits from a central geographic situation and is easily accessible. Situated in close proximity to numerous famous touristic sites, it’s also the ideal starting point for tourists willing to tour the region around.


Nestled in the Province of Belgian Luxembourg between the Lesse and the Ourthe valleys, straddling the Famenne and the Ardenne, the region retains its rural charm thanks to its green countryside and beautiful landscapes, while offering visitors the comfort of urban facilities.


The nice town of Marche has been remarkably well renovated while having preserved many witnesses of its past. Some of its buildings date back to the 17th c. and it’s a delight to stroll down its narrow streets. Its many fountains, sculptures and murals, its shady squares and places to relax, as well as its pedestrian area contribute to a sense of well-being.


The magnificent stained-glass windows of the church of Waha designed by the well known Belgian artist Jean-Michel Folon are also worth a visit. It is therefore not a surprise if the town of Marche has been chosen as Belgian winner of the European contest EDEN ‘European Destinations of Excellence’ in 2011. The theme was the rehabilitation of physical sites.


Scattered with hills and valleys, the region is ideal for hikes and walks. Its forests are deep and secret, an intact world, wild and pure, with a beautiful flora and a varied and abundant fauna of red deers, roe deers, wild boars,...


These magnificent landscapes will unveil their charm throughout the four seasons. 

Entertainment, art and culture are very present in Marche-en-Famenne. A large variety of events, concerts, shows, exhibitions and other cultural activities are organized throughout the year. Many sites are worthing a visit such as the Famenne Museum, the naturel site of Fond des Vaulx, the listed site of the Monument … Furthermore shopping lovers will find Marche as the right place to go shopping! Its fortnightly market takes place the 1st and 3rd monday of the month downtown on the Place aux Foires.


No doubt, the region of Marche & Nassogne is the ideal destination for a break with your family, your partner or with your friends!



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Top things to do

in Marche-en-Famenne

Visit of the charming little city of Marche and its urban renewal

Push the door of the city and discover its hidden treasures : buildings of character, pedestrian area, shady squares, numerous fountains and sculptures, small shops and nice restaurants ...



Visit the city of Marche
Marche & Nassogne

Famenne Museum

Immerse yourself in the Middle Ages thanks to a remarkable collection of objects coming from two Merovingien and Carolingian time.


Also to discover : the expressive sculptures of the Master of Waha, the history of the listed Site of Monument, some lace pieces of art made in Marche


Famenne Museum
©Marche & Nassogne

Romanesque church of Waha

Being one of the oldest Romanesque churches of Belgium, it is the only one to have kept its dedicatory stone, which commemorates the consecration of the church on 20 June 1050. This unique and very rare relic is as much an historical document than a work of art, such as some works by the Master of Waha, sculptor of the 16th c., of which one of the most remarkable is the Calvary. 


Church of Waha
©Marche & Nassogne

Natural Site of Fond des Vaulx

The deep little Fond des Vaulx valley covering an area of approximately 15 ha (37 acres) is a landscape in total contrast with the widespread Marche plain. It is part of the band of limestone called the Calestienne that has been shaped during millions of years by the acid waters of the Ardenne massif to the south. Numerous legends are attached to this mystery-filled site… 



Natural Site of Fond des Vaulx
©Marche & Nassogne

Listed Site of Monument

The site of the Monument, located on a slight schistose rise forms an interesting geological site that was exploited during centuries. It was for a long time a very busy place of pilgrimage and a sanctuary of respite, where parents use to come to present their dead-born babies with the hope that the child would give a sign of life, in order to be able to be baptised and have his soul saved. It also appears that the site has been used for the performance of penalties for penitents compelled to 'repair sentences' imposed by the Courts.The calvary, located on a flat rock formation overlooking the plain, should be the oldest part of the site. It’s said that rites and pagan sacrifices took place there… 


Site of Monument Marche
©Marche & Nassogne


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