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Hotels in Aix-les-Bains

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Aix-les-Bains Riviera of the Alps,

natural territory of well-being


Aix-les-Bains Riviera of the Alps overflows with riches. Its number one asset is the nature that makes it up: sports and relaxing activities, energetic or soothing, everybody can decide what they would like to do during their stay. Aix-les-Bains, city of water known throughout the ages, hosts many events that attract older and younger people.


Magnificent landscapes, a naturally preserved environment of great quality, its authenticity is unique. Water, purity, rejuvenation and dreaminess are elements just as much a part of this destination that make it a place of calm, tranquillity and pleasures. A vast outdoor playground, here visitors take part in all sorts of activities geared towards health and well-being, sport and vitality.


Thermal waters heal the body and the territory's activities bring the spirit a well-being by way of a slow pace, by doing "soft" sports, through the cuisine and the local products, entertainment, heritage and culture.


Best hotels

in Aix-les-Bains Riviera of the Alps



ibis Styles Aix les Bains

Located in the Thermes de Marlioz Park

Pet friendly, swimming-pool, great staff




Mercure Domaine de Marlioz

1km from the train station

 Spa centre, great breakfast, staff



Golden Tulip Aix les Bains - Hotel & Spa

Golden Tulip Hotel & Spa

Historic centre of Aix-Les-Bains

Great location, good pool, nice rooms



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The Ambiance of vacations

Aix-les-Bains Riviera of the Alps

Envy of Elegance

A city idolized by royal and princely families from country to country, from the Middle-Ages through the Renaissance and right up until today, Aix-les-Bains preserves the trace of these princely visits to the numerous luxurious buildings present on the land. The palaces, hippodrome, casino, thermal baths and romantic theatre continue today to provide this city with all its charm, glamour and style. A unique atmosphere, sometimes "Belle Époque", sometimes Art Deco, contributes to the charm of this internationally renowned city.



Envy of peace and escape

When nature and peace become luxury. Such is the new "Lake Style" proposed by Aix Les Bains Riviera of the Alps. Here there are no imposing yachts or private evenings but rather a harmony with nature, a formidable return to the roots, to the essential. Hotels, bed and breakfasts, restaurants and relaxation services give you access to the forest, the mountain and above else the lake. Therefore, travellers can escape to the wild nature and a grandiose landscape with the setting sun.


This atmosphere of Wild Luxury is a subtle mixture between preserved nature, and high scale and exclusive service.



Discover the local flavours

It is impossible to visit Aix-les-Bains, the lake and its surroundings without tasting the products of the land given the strength of Savoy's mark here. Land of vineyards, this region offers you a wide range of red, white, rosé and sparkling wines that treat amateur taste buds like experts.


Certainly a region of cheese but not just... Numerous restaurants offer you the chance to try fresh and subtle dishes with the notable and delightful lavaret, famous fish of the lac du Bourget. This tender white fish is very tasty and goes perfectly with the oils of the Moulin de Chanaz that have a strong nutty taste.


The pleasure of life, the table and discovery. A gourmet approach to the local flavours and products of the land.

Land of stars and flavours

Energy & Vitality

Aix les Bains, a place of thermal baths and well-being, is renowned for the quality of its thermal waters. Body treatments are done at the centre of an aquatic environment and wild nature that combines vegetation with minerals.


Here the health professionals practice ancestral techniques, improved by modern techniques which produce more intense therapeutic results for the body. The bathing facility of Aix les Bains is a model in thermal baths and was, thanks to its location, multitude of services and its natural unique environment, which is preserved and protected by massive buildings, destined to be the leader in this domain. Rich with a prestigious history, Aix les bains was able to conserve an architectural heritage emblematic of thermal bathing cities. Casino, theatre, thermal baths, palaces and certainly historic hotels are enough living evidence of the most beautiful times of these baths of high society.


The baths have integrated the natural environment in the thermal experience that is offered to visitors looking for peace. An omnipresent nature, combined with the rocks of the mountains and the natural water, have inspired the land. At the heart of Aix le Bains Riviera of the Alps, the thermal baths of Aix les Bains have set a goal of becoming the most fashionable French Spring Spa Resort in France and internationally.


Envy of intensity and pulsations

Aix les Bains Riviera of the Alps, certified France Nautical Station since 2001 and enjoying a preserved hinterland thanks to the Regional Natural Park of the Bauges Mountains, is a sportive destination in every sense.


On lac du Bourget, taking part in water activities happens practically year-round and the Regional Natural Park of the Bauges Mountains, a recognized UNESCO Geopark, offers a natural reserve of fauna and flora biodiversity to hikers.

Finally, the region of Aix les Bains Riviera of the Alps is a marriage of vegetation, minerals and natural water: a communion of Mother Nature no matter how it is practiced



of Aix-les-Bains Riviera of the Alps