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Geoagiu Bai is hidden in the heart of the historical region of Transylvania - a watering and climatic resort. The rich hydrographic network featuring the Homorod, Geoagiu and Mureş rivers, together with the picturesque mountains create a unique natural landscape worth being discovered.


The locals call the resort the ‘gift of the mountains’ referring to the mineral richness of the soils and the curative properties of the thermal springs. Today, the resort features various comfortable vantage points from where you can marvel at the magnificent scenery and soak up the tranquility of the setting. Apart from the beauty with which nature has blessed the region, the refreshing climate with mild winters and pleasant summers allows the resort to be open to visitors all year long.


Geoagiu Bai has something to offer to everybody as it is the perfect location to get active or simply unwind in the extensive and impressive wellness and spa facilities. Those in need of complete relaxation can recharge their batteries through aero-therapy, hot mineral water baths, thermal mud or herbs treatments. With its rich history and heritage, the springs are now one of the most important assets to the region as the locals believe they were blessed by Bendis, the Dacian goddess to keep their bodies and souls always young.


Geoagiu Bai

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