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most beautiful ferris wheels in Europe

Most beautiful ferris wheels in Europe

Ferris wheels are symbols of childhood, parties, relaxation… they take you to a magical world. When the cabin gets you to the top you can enjoy the magnificient view over the city and feel like you are the  king of the world.


We have selected for you the best ferris wheels in Europe. Treat yourself to a childhood holiday or share your time with your children by booking your airline ticket and hotel, apartment, guesthouse, villa at the best price with European Best Destinations.


Most beautiful ferris wheels in Europe - Famous Ferris Wheel of Vienna Prater park called Wurstelprater Copyright Ekaterina Pokrovsky
Copyright Ekaterina Pokrovsky

1. Vienna


No big wheel in the world looks like the Ferris wheel at "The Prater" amusement park located in the heart of the city of Vienna. It is bigger than the big wheel of the Oktoberfest (65 meters high) and one of the symbols of the city of Vienna. It was built in 1887, eight years later than the Eiffel Tower.


Book your hotel, hostel, apartment in Vienna at the best price and your best activities for an exceptional stay in the capital of Austria.


Most beautiful ferris wheels in Europe - famous ferris wheel at the oktoberfest in munich - germany Copyright FooTToo
Copyright FooTToo

2. Munich


If you are in Munich in October, you can’t possibly miss the big wheel at the Oktoberfest. It is 50 meters high and one of the symbols of the event. Despite a sulphurous reputation sometimes, it is above all a traditional Bavarian festival.


It takes place in mid September and ends on the first Sunday of October. It has celebrated the wedding of King Louis I of Bavaria for more than two hundred years now. Book your hotel, apartment, guesthouse, hostel in Munich at the best price for the next Oktoberfest as well as your best activities and tours in Munich.


Most beautiful ferris wheels in Europe -  The London Eye on River copyright Profonz
Copyright Profonz

3. London


What is its real name ? The London Eye ? The Millennium Wheel ? The "British Airways London Eye ? "EDF Energy London Eye ? or The Coca-Cola London Eye ?. It does not matter. For the hundreds of thousands of travellers each year it will remain "The London Eye". Discover London like you have never done before from an air-conditioned cabin.


Previously the Eye was supposed to stay for 5 years when it was built to celebrate the year 2000. It has become one of the symbols of the city and one of London best tourist attractions. Book your London Eye tickets, get the best deals and book your hotel today.


Most beautiful ferris wheels in Europe - The promenade of the Old Vieux Port in the city center of Marseilles, France Copyright Boris Stroujko
Copyright Boris Stroujko

4. Marseille


Marseille is the second largest city in France ; it has nothing to envy to Paris. These two destinations are like sisters who do not look alike but both are gorgeous. Marseille is turned towards the sea, it is very cosmopolitan and very much appreciated by artists including the singer Mika, but also by many companies, start-ups and investors.  Marseille is located in Provence. It is the oldest city in France since it was founded before Paris, in the 6th century BC by Greek sailors.


Located on  the old port, the Grande-Roue de Marseille was previously temporary but was so successfull  that the city authorities decided it would be permanent


Come and discover Marseille and book your hotel, apartment, guesthouse at the best price and your activities. Do not forget to board the Ferris wheel located Quai des belges in Marseille.


Most beautiful ferris wheels in Europe - Ferris wheel in the old town of Gdansk at night Copyright Patryk Kosmider
Copyright Patryk Kosmider

5. Gdansk


Gdansk is one of the most beautiful cities in Poland. It is the perfect destination for a city break in Europe, alone, with friends or in family. This city is full of charm and its old port so nice when the Ferris wheel illuminates the facades of the traditional houses of Gdansk.


Book your hotel in Gdansk at the best price guaranteed as well as your activities and treat yourself to a trip in one of the most beautiful destinations in Europe.


Most beautiful ferris wheels in Europe -  Embankment In Helsinki At Summer Sunny Day In Finland. Cityscape View From Sea. Scenic View, Travel Background. Copyspace Copyright Grisha Bruev
Copyright Grisha Bruev

6. Helsinki


This beautiful Ferris wheel is now part of the landscape of Helsinki, the capital of Finland. Open 7 days a week, it offers a panorama of Helsinki and its main symbols such as the Helsinki Cathedral.


Come discover this cosmopolitan city where more than 130 nationalities live together and book your accommodation at the best price and your activities on the beautiful canals of Helsinki.


Most beautiful ferris wheels in Europe - lawn of Tuileries garden at summer day, Paris, France Copyright Neirfy
Copyright Neirfy

7. Paris


There are many big wheels in Paris. The first one was built to celebrate the 1900 universal exhibition and dismantled in 1921.


A more recent large wheel has been installed at « les Tuileries fun fair » since 1993 but only in July and August. You can enjoy another big wheel at Christmas time on the « Place de la Concorde ». Another big one was inaugurated for the UEFA EURO 2016 but is no longer there.


In short, there is often a big wheel to see in Paris especially in July, August or December and certainly near the Place de la Concorde or the Jardin des Tuileries. No doubt that with or without a big wheel, Paris will always be Paris.


Book your hotel or apartment in Paris at the best price and your activities such as a cruise on the Seine or a priority accesss to the Eiffel Tower.


Most beautiful ferris wheels in Europe - Group of attractive young women having fun while they rotating on of colorful ferris wheel at sunny day Copyright GaudiLab
Copyright GaudiLab

8. Barcelona


Barcelona is a magical city with sunny beaches, shopping centers, never ending nightlife, great affordable hotels, remarkable architecture and sumptuous parks. Each year, millions of travellers enjoy their holidays in Barcelona. Thousands experience the Tibidabo amusement park located on the highest hill of Barcelona. Treat yourself to a moment of relaxation and fun in this amusement park and enjoy some attractions from the early twenties.


The views from the big wheel are panoramic. You can reach the park by car, tram or funicular. Book your hotel, apartment, guest house in Barcelona at the best price in our selection of over 2,000 Barcelona accommodations as well as your activities in Barcelona such as your ticket to the Tibidabo Park.


Most beautiful ferris wheels in Europe - Place Bellecour statue of King Louis XIV by night, Lyon France Copyright prochasson frederic
Copyright prochasson frederic

9. Lyon


Every year, Lyon is enriched by a beautiful Grande Roue on Place Bellecour from the end of November to the beginning of March. Rise up and enjoy a clear view of Lyon from the Ferris wheel. It is open every day and will delight both young and old. Book your accommodation in Lyon at the best price and your activities to enjoy an unforgettable stay in Lyon.


Most beautiful ferris wheels in Europe - Big wheel at night with lights and the dome, Toulouse, France Copyright Monica Mayayo V
Copyright Monica Mayayo V

10. Toulouse


Most European cities enjoy their Ferris wheels all year round such as London, Vienna, Marseille... but some big wheels are just for specific events such as the Great Wheel of the Oktoberfest but also the Toulouse Ferris wheel, in summer during the "Toulouse-beach" event.


For the anecdote, that great-wheel was previously used for the Oktoberfeest in Munich then bought by Toulouse. But there is more than a Grande Roue to discover in Toulouse, the fourth largest commune in France. Come and discover Toulouse, the “Pink city” named for the colour of its buildings. Book your hotel, apartment, guesthouse in Toulouse at the best price and come discover this beautiful city in the South West of France.


Most beautiful ferris wheels in Europe - Summer 2016 on the beach of Scheveningen Copyright Jolanda Aalbers
Copyright Jolanda Aalbers

11. The Hague


Scheveningen, close to the city of The Hague, was already ranked among the most beautiful piers in Europe. Since 2016, the city has been equipped with the first Ferris wheel in Europe built over sea.


Book your hotel, guesthouse, apartment at the best price in Scheveningen or book your hotel at The Hague.


Most beautiful ferris wheels in Europe - Blackpool Tower and Central Pier Ferris Wheel, Lancashire, England, UK Copyright Paul Daniels
Copyright Paul Daniels

12. Blackpool


Discover the North West of England and Blackpool seaside resort. Its tower built shortly after the Eiffel Tower and inspired by it is famous although smaller. Visit Blackpool and its three beautiful piers, ranked among the most beautiful piers in Europe. Enjoy the "Pleasure Beach" amusement park, much like the one in Santa Monica California. Come and enjoy an unforgettable holiday in Blackpool by booking your Blackpool accommodation at the best price.



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