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France is the most visited country in Europe ahead of Spain and Italy. Perhaps it is because Paris is the capital of love or because its wines, especially those of Bordeaux, are among the finest and most famous in the world. It may be that travellers prefer the beautiful landscapes of ‘La France’ or perhaps are drawn to its incredible cultural heritage and historical monuments such as the illustrious châteaux of the Loire Valley.


You want to think outside the box? No problem, we have selected for you the best hidden gems of France. Do not waste time and discover the best places to visit in France.


Travel more and spend less. Book your flights, your accommodation and your best tours and activities in France.




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Best places to visit.

The favorite destinations of travellers in France



You have decided to holiday in France but do not know which city to visit?


Discover Bordeaux, Toulouse or Strasbourg and other must-see tourist destinations such as Paris or the Mont Saint-Michel or increasingly trendy destinations such as Marseille, Metz and Montpellier.




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France is one of the most popular countries on our website. Millions of you look for information on the best things to do and see in France.


More than anything, you want to live unforgettable, unique, authentic experiences. Choose from our best things to do in France offer. 



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France can be an affordable and even cheap destination if you book your accommodation at the best price and enjoy the best hotel deals. You want to find a superb guesthouse in France to share a meal and exchange addresses? Maybe you need autonomy and space at low cost and seek a tourist apartment in the heart of the city? We have the largest offer of accommodation in France to make your stay unforgettable.


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Best destinations in France.

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Are you looking for inspiration for your next trip to France? You hesitate between the vineyards of Bordeaux, museums or Parisian luxury shops, the beaches of Sainte-Maxime, the "Promenade des Anglais" in Nice, the Christmas market of Colmar, Strasbourg or Lille... You will discover here some the most beautiful destinations in France to plan your trip in one of the most beautiful countries in the world.



 Paris, France

One of the world’s few really legendary capitals.


 Bordeaux, France

"Bordeaux, world wine capital".


 Colmar, France

A condensed version of the Alsace region.


 Nice, France

The real Mediterranean art of living.


 Metz, France

A mix of amusement and relaxation.


 Montpellier, France

Smart, Mediterranean, welcoming and festive.


 Dordogne Valley, France

Say "Mon amour" in Rocamadour.


 Mont St-Michel, France

Registered on UNESCO's "World Heritage" list.


 Aix-les-Bains, France

Aix-les-Bains has every chance of seducing you.


 Marseille, France

A city full of art and culture.


 Strasbourg, France

This city is brimming over with wonders.


 Cannes, France

Get ready to take it to the next level!


 Bonifacio, France

The other garden of Eden.


 Aix en Provence, France

Local specialty: Calissons of Aix.


 avignon, France

Home to outstanding architectural heritage.


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