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Duisburg Germany

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Duisburg combines the exciting flair of the Ruhrgebiet with the relaxed atmosphere of the Lower Rhine area. Inbetween former coal and steel production plants and modern architecture one can experience a mixture of culture, leisure and history. The inner harbor of Duisburg (the biggest inner harbor in the world) and the Landschaftspark Duisburg-Nord are nowadays popular venues for recreational activities. What used to be fallow ground (due to former industrial use) has come to be a fascinating ground for many cultural sites.


The landmark “tiger & turtle” – a roller-coaster walkabout grants a unique view above the city. Sophisticated minds will find stimulating impulses in the city theatre, with the philharmonic orchestra or in the museums. Duisburg – city near the Rhine and the Ruhr. You can experience water in many ways throughout the city. With a harbor tour for instance or various sports and outdoor activities at the large green area Sportpark Duisburg which includes no less than six lakes. 

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Visit the Landschaftspark Duisburg-Nord

The Landschaftspark Duisburg Nord extends over an area of about 445 acres and is a park unlike any other in the world. The huge buildings of former ironworks have been converted to be now the home of cultural events (for example the Traumzeit Festival, an independent music festival). In an old gasometer Europe’s biggest man-made diving centre has been created; alpine climbing gardens have been set-up in ore storage bunkers.



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Stroll around the inner harbor

For more than hundred years the inner harbor was Duisburg’s trading point. Today the former industrial area has been fundamentally transformed and now provides residential, working, cultural and leisure facilities. It has become a highly popular venue for leisure time activities thanks to a large variety of cafés, bars, clubs, museums and restaurants. To learn more about the importance of Rhine & Ruhr for Duisburg go on board and enjoy a harbor tour and be impressed by the scale of the world’s largest inland port duisport.


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Climb tiger & turtle

Enthroned upon a hilltop is the eye-catching landmark “tiger & turtle – magic mountain.” It looks like a rollercoaster and the clou is: one can walk upon it. It offers a great view of the Ruhr area from a slightly different perspective. 21 meters high and made of steel and zinc (connecting to Duisburg’s rich history of steel manufacturing) – it is one of the most photographed tourist highlight in the city and a magnet for visitors.



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Enjoy a shopping-tour in the city

Alongside the Königstraße with its various beautiful fountains, you be spoilt for choice where to start your shopping tour. There are big shopping malls such as the Forum, the Königsgalerie or the CityPalais, each just in walking distance. They are home to retail stores, restaurants, bars and leisure facilities. There is of course also a huge variety of specialiality shops in the side streets.


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Be active in the Sportspark

The Sportpark Duisburg is the perfect place for fun and relaxation with a wide range of attractions. It’s one of the largest Sportparks in Germany and offers among other things training and competitions sites for sports such as waterskiing, wakeboarding, Football, ice hockey, track and field athletics, swimming, canoeing or rowing. It also includes a climbing garden as well as a keep-fit-trail. Meadows and forest paths invite you just to unwind and enjoy some time off.


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