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Discover a Hidden Treasure from the Ice Age


The Ice Age river landscape in the northeast of Germany is unique to Europe and well worth a visit. There's not just one reason for that. The 10.000 year-old Peene Valley is home to white-tailed eagles, beavers and co. at a density that is found nowhere else. Vikings and Slavs lived here more than 1000 years ago and traded peacefully with one another.


Today, the Peene Valley is a European insider's tip amongst the sustainable travel regions, prized with the EDEN Award


The adventure called nature, is awaiting your visit whether a weekend break, a short trip or a week tour - we will turn the best part of your year into an experience. On a houseboat, in a hybrid-catamaran or in a paddle- or motorboat - as a specialist for adventure trips, we will make sure that you are geared up with the best equipment and a comprehensive range of insider tips for an individually tailored trip.


In cooperation with our partners along the banks of the rivers, we have put a lot of effort into creating our trips, which guarantee a wonderful stay with us. We provide for true nature enjoyment, hospitality in a family atmosphere and perfect service throughout your trip.


We, as tourism experts, are united with the Vision to present this breathtaking landscape to people from near and far in a gentle way. And to do so for the next thousand years.


Abenteuer Flusslandschaft 

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of Naturpark Flusslandschaft Peenetal


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