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NINthe Most Romantic Destination in Europe 

Exciting Past and Magical Present. 


Nin is part of EDEN – European Destination of Excellence and European Walled Towns Association. Its magical attractiveness lies in charming location, gentle climate, exquisite cultural heritage, intact nature, peculiar festivals and preserved traditions. 


Nin’s old town core, where life began more than 3000 years and that’s one of the oldest towns of the Mediterranean, is situated amid shallow lagoon on a heart shaped islet. Many civilizations left traces which are experienced strolling along the romantic streets of the islet – an open-air museum. In the prehistoric times Nin was important harbour on the Adriatic and afterwards a Roman municipium. It’s called the Croatian Bethlehem because it’s been in the Middle Ages the first capital of the Croats, the oldest Croatian royal town and a Marian sanctuary for 500 years.  


All its stories, history, legends and monuments combined with its beauty and natural resources are here to be enjoyed and to find so much needed peace, health and happiness.


Nin is mysterious and magical particularly attracting with the Church of St. Cross, known as the smallest cathedral in the world. The Church is compared with Stonehenge because it represents a sundial and calendar. 


A unique cultural heritage strongly draws to Nin: Juda’s silver coin, the remains of the biggest Roman temple on the Adriatic, original old Croatian ship, crowning church of St. Nicholas, miraculous statue of the Virgin Mary and museums treasuring numerous secrets. If the big toe of the statue of Gregory of Nin, placed in the centre of the town, is touched it brings good luck and it’s listed among the 10 most attractive world symbols of happiness – you have to try it for yourself. 


Nin’s Riviera is abundant in long sandy beaches with total length of 50 km. One of the most beautiful world beaches is the Queen’s beach in Nin, in the middle of the unique lagoon in Croatia, with impressive breath-taking view of the mountain of Velebit. 


Lots of people come here for the open-air clinic for the medicinal mud treatments that successfully heal many ailments for 50 years. Nin has salt pans which directly in front of you produces salt based on a thousand year old tradition. Particularly valuable natural resources are 8 NATURA 2000 Habitats and natural botanic garden with rare and endemic plants. 200 different bird species picked Eco Park Nin’s Lagoon as their home. Especially interesting are black-winged stilt and Kentish plover.


Nin is on the east coast of Adriatic, only 30 minutes’ drive from the international airport of Zadar. It has thousands excitements and the most famous camp in Croatia within the modern Zaton Holiday Resort.


Nin and its surroundings are fantastic source of adventure and active holiday. Nature and people turned it into a town pleasant for living and interesting for vacation. Nin is a special place. Story that lasts. Life joy which doesn’t stop. Welcome!



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in Nin

A Glance on the Historical Nin

Discover why Nin used to be the centre of the Illyrian Liburnians in the 9th century BC, important harbour on the Adriatic coast, Roman municipium, the first political, religious and cultural centre of Croatia. Nin is rich in cultural treasures: a rare example of the world culture one Judas silver coin from the 4th century BC, the remains of the largest ancient temple on the east coast of the Adriatic Sea from the 1st century, a replica of the Baptismal font of Duke Višeslav from the 9th century, the original old Croatian boat Condura Croatica from the 11th century, the coronation church of St. Nicholas from the 12th century, the miraculous statue of Our Lady of Zečevo from the 13th century. Museum of Nin Antiquities, The Church Treasury Gold and Silver of Nin and finally the Museum of Salt treasure 3000 years old historical items of Nin.


Historical Nin
Marija Dejanovic

Sandy Beaches and Medicinal Mud

Long sandy beaches are one of the trademarks of the ancient town of Nin and its Riviera. Shallow and warm sea especially, attracts families with small children and elderly people. Enjoying them enriches the memory so it is not surprising that they are listed among the most beautiful beaches in Croatia and abroad. On the famous beach, accompanied with a legend, called the Queen's beach, there is also a baby beach and thalassotherapy open-air clinic where treatments and rehabilitations with medical mud are successfully carried out for 50 years. All beaches are attractive but distinctiveness of the beach Ždrijac is that a wind and kite surfing school is there.


Medicinal Mud Nin
©Ilonka Kapetanovic

The Story of Salt, Salt Pans and Museum of Salt

Salt pans are on the east part of the Nin’s lagoon. Salt works in Nin testify about one of the oldest economies of Nin and production of salt is still produced in the old fashioned way. Salt is naturally produced only using the sun, sea and wind. In Nin generations traditionally hand harvested salt with lots of love. There is a variety of salt products but among the most famous ones are flower of salt and chocolate flavoured with flower of salt. In the surroundings of salt pans there are wetland habitats colonized by marsh birds making it one of the favourite spots for birdwatchers and ornithologists.


Museum of Salt in Nin
© Marija Dejanovic

Active Holidays in Nin and its Surroundings

Explore the exciting nature of Eco Park Nin‘s Lagoon on foot or by bicycle. In Nin all year round you can have an active vacation. Visit small fishing villages nearby, breathe full of ozone fresh air, and enjoy the blue sea and golden sunsets. Wind bora blows mostly in winter, early spring and the late autumn and brings fresh air from the mountain Velebit. In the summer the mistral wind blows and relieves summer heat. Modern Zaton Holiday Resort offers diving and other water sports, mini golf, tennis, horseback riding and other for active holidays. 



Surf in Nin
©Boris Kacan

Visit Eco Park Nin‘s Lagoon, which a Stilt Bird Picked as its Home

Natural resources of the field of Nin are immersed in the Eco Park Nin‘s Lagoon. Walk through educational trails and explore the lagoon, medicinal mud locality, sandy beaches; visit 8 NATURA Habitats; see 5 endemic, 4 critically endangered, 1 endangered and 5 sensitive plants. Discover a natural botanic garden, salt pans, ornithological park and other natural beauties. Lagoon is an oasis of birds. Especially interesting are rare and endangered species of nesting birds Stilt and Kentish Plover whose number in Croatia and Europe is declining but which can be observed every day from March to September.


Eco park Nin
©Goran Safarek


of Nin


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